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The Pre-LA Shoot Video: How Marilyn Monroe Factors Into Our Adoption Search

Adoption Story Updates! Marilyn Monroe’s Second Cousin Updates! Our upcoming TV appearance updates, and more. SUPER exciting stuff! Here’s the latest update on my husband, who is the second cousin of Marilyn Monroe (thanks to, we know this), and on his impossible adoption search – plus, the latest in our exciting adventure that’s coming up this week – we’re going to Hollywood, baby. Well, LA, anyway, and we’re going to be in an Ancestry commercial. I’m sharing what I know so far about the commercial as well as more details about Bill’s birth and the mystery surrounding it....

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Mother to Mother: An Open Letter to My Husband’s Birth Mom

Dear Birth Mom, You or someone you know left your beautiful, healthy baby boy in a phone booth at 7-Eleven on Metropolitan Ave. in Kansas City, KS, sometime before 9 a.m. on June 7, 1972 – presumably after giving birth to him up to 12 hours earlier on June 6, 1972. Here’s your baby at 2 years old. Adorable, right? (Story here: Abandoned 42 years ago, man takes adoption search to social media: How you can help him find his birth family) That baby you had grew up to become my husband, and because of that, you and me? We’ve got...

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Abandoned 42 years ago, man takes adoption search to social media: How you can help him find his birth family

We have decided to take our search to the next level, and we’re doing that by attempting to spread the word further than ever with this photo that Bill posted on his Facebook page tonight.  The message is a basic rundown of the story and reads as follows. Abandoned at Birth: Please Help Me Find My Birth Family.My name is Bill Atkinson. I was born June 6, 1972. I was found wrapped in a towel inside of a phone booth at 7-Eleven on Metropolitan Ave in Kansas City, KS.  He posted the photo along with this message. Friends, I need your help. As many of you know, I was abandoned at birth and found hours old in a telephone booth at 4039 Metropolitan Ave., Kansas City, KS. I was born at approximately 3 am on June 6, 1972. I was found at approximately 9 am the next morning. My wife Angie and I have been searching for years and after a recent DNA test, have located second, third and fourth cousins. My story has been covered by the Kansas City Star and the KC Times, among others, and my wife keeps a blog with our story at You can help by liking, sharing, tweeting, Instagramming and otherwise passing this post along. To my birth family, I have been blessed with a wonderful loving adoptive family and I don’t want anything from you...

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