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Our Kids Are Taking DNA Tests: Watch It Happen (Video)

From my VLOGGING channel: After my husband and I were invited to appear in an upcoming Ancestry DNA commercial, we were gifted two more tests. I’m testing both of my kids since my husband (who was abandoned in a phone booth at 12 hours old in 1972 and who was adopted) has no older (closely related) blood relatives. In this video, I’ll show you how easy it is to take the tests – and why you should never remove the cap once it’s in place (small fail!). Plus, I’ll show you my kids unboxing the tests and each item...

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Media from June 1972 Related to ‘Baby Boy Doe’

In this video, I’m sharing news articles that were published in June 1972 in various Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO newspapers regarding the abandonment of a newborn baby boy (who grew up to become my husband) – in a phone booth at a Kansas City gas station (it was 7-11 at that time). Articles included are: Kansas City Star Article, June 7, 1972 Kansas City Kansan Article, June 7, 1972 Kansas City Times Article, June 8, 1972 Kansas City Times Article, June 13, 1972 Plus, lots of clues and potentially useful information and names that are involved...

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The Pre-LA Shoot Video: How Marilyn Monroe Factors Into Our Adoption Search

Adoption Story Updates! Marilyn Monroe’s Second Cousin Updates! Our upcoming TV appearance updates, and more. SUPER exciting stuff! Here’s the latest update on my husband, who is the second cousin of Marilyn Monroe (thanks to, we know this), and on his impossible adoption search – plus, the latest in our exciting adventure that’s coming up this week – we’re going to Hollywood, baby. Well, LA, anyway, and we’re going to be in an Ancestry commercial. I’m sharing what I know so far about the commercial as well as more details about Bill’s birth and the mystery surrounding it....

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